Why Sie Ventures invested in Jude

3 min readSep 26, 2023


Jude (UK) is a healthcare brand, for men and women over the age of 50, with the mission to help people to live longer, happier and healthier lives. Jude’s first mission is to turn bladder weakness into bladder care as they start with serving a market of 2.3 billion women who are currently underserved in this space.

Jude is building a platform of high-quality, efficacious products and community-led initiatives. There were many reasons why we wanted to invest in Jude and be a part of this exciting journey! We have outlined a few below:

Serving a hugely underserved market

Jude is a first mover — creating the bladder care category — where they turn a once reactive, passive management space into an active, treatment-oriented space. Jude has proven high retention and high efficacy through its clinically proven supplements, also the first-of-a-kind product available in the market. Up until now, 50+ year old women were using the same products as their mothers — we knew it was time for a change in this supermarket aisle!

Launching science-backed formulations

Jude is producing clinically proven high quality products, from supplements to pads and liners that are fully compostable and more absorbent than alternatives on the market. Using data and learnings from their highly active, engaged user-base, Jude has the capability (and speed!) to bring new products to market and create high GM and diverse supply chains. Jude provides education, an interactive community, ask-a-urologist services and ultimately, an authentic ecosystem to address a health issue that is historically hard to find support for.

Building an incredible brand

13,000 unique engagements occur — on average — each month in Jude’s Facebook community. This is a safe space for Jude customers, made up of like-minded people, suffering with bladder issues yet feeling supported. It’s no surprise that this community leads to retained, loyal customers who subscribe to Jude’s offering, even through these turbulent markets!

Driven by an exceptional team

Peony Li — Jude’s CEO & Founder — previously worked at Founders Factory as Head of Investments, investing into more than 60 companies. Prior to Founders Factory, Peony was Head of Operations at Daye, part of the team that launched the pain-soothing tampons. She also started a business during covid, supplying over 6 million PPE-units to frontline workers, charities and distribution centres. Peony has proven that she can build an exceptional team around her to drive Jude’s growth.

“Jude is a community-led healthcare company. We break taboos on less talked about health topics and want to challenge the way society views ageing. Our first priority is to bring bladder care into the mainstream so people talk about it and those experiencing it feel less isolated.” — Peony Li, CEO and Founder of Jude.

We’ve had the privilege of knowing Peony for half a decade through Sie’s Co-Founder, Triin Linamagi. Having followed her journey and supported Peony since the first days of Jude, we can vouch that she’s not just a brilliant mind but a visionary leader and inspiring founder. Her ability to connect with her core target demographic and provide solutions to one of the largest healthcare problems — incontinence — is remarkable.

We’re also proud to share that over 80% of Sie Ventures’ angel investors into the Jude SPV were female and we are excited to unlock even more investment opportunities like Jude in 2024.

We can’t wait to see where Peony and the Jude team takes this next and continue to support them on this exciting journey!




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